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I was taught to knit by my grandmother and mother and I've still got the extremely long garter stitch scarf to prove it! I was drawn to sock knitting by sock yarn, I bought 3 skeins of hand-dyed sock yarn because they were so beautiful and thought I'd give knitting a pair of socks a try. When I turned the heel on the first sock I felt like I'd performed a magic trick, I pulled it out of my knitting bag and showed it to everyone I came across, shouting 'Look, look what I made! It's a SOCK!' (I got varying degrees of enthusiasm in return, but I think it's fair to say no-one was as excited as me). I haven't stopped knitting and designing socks since then, I love the portability of socks, the intricacy and the usefulness of the finished project there's nothing like hand knitted socks for keeping your feet warm.

There is nothing like hand knitted socks for keeping your feet warm
Includes tutorials for long-tail cast on and Kitchener Stitch

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