August 28, 2023 1 min read


We're so excited to have Qing Fibre on board for another MKAL season, their fun, vibrant and unique colour ways are perfect for stepping out of your colour comfort zone. Layla, Qing's founder and creative force, always finds it so inspiring to see Stephen's unexpected colour combinations and can't wait to share the amazing kits that will be on offer.

Layla has knitted several MKALs in years gone by from Twists and Turns to Texture Time and Shawlography but her favourite is the Slipstravaganza. She loved the exciting journey with the striped honeycombs and slip stitch sections. Layla loves the whole experience of the MKAL including discovering new stitches and tehcniques whether it's lace motifs, cable combinations or colourwork there's always some exciting to experience. 

Keep your eyes peeled to see Qing Fibre kits on 2nd September at 16:00!