August 2021

August 11, 2021 1 min read

Talia has recently starting working in our customer service team at Stephen & Penelope so she is on hand to help you with all your burning yarn questions!

Talia loves the sense of community that comes with working at Stephen & Penelope. She really appreciates coming into work and being able to work in a team of people who uplift and support each other and who are really invested in their roles and the team.

Talia is a knitter and was taught by her grandmother when she was around 10 years old but she didn't start consistently crafting until quarantine last year. It was something she could work on without too much concentration and once she picked it back up she taught herself to read different patterns and experimented with new projects like socks and stuffed animals. Recently, she has also branched out to trying crochet too!

She really enjoys art and DIY and she's currently working on refurbishing a table and is also working on an oil painting of a friend.