February 2020

February 15, 2020 1 min read

Jude has been working for Stephen & Penelope since September 2019. She started in our e-com and customer service department, and has since taken on new responsibilities within our back-end and wholesale operations.

Of Dutch-Irish extraction, Jude was born in the Netherlands but left as a baby, and returned last year to experience living in the country she started life out in. Like Stephen, Jude has a background in dance and performance. While working in musical theatre, she attended a knitting workshop to re-ignite a passion for the craft she learned as a child at school.

Affectionately called a ‘baby knitter’ by the S&P office team because she has yet to knit a Westknits pattern, Jude plans to change this by tackling the Flying Foxtail Wrap at some point this year - once she has mastered brioche! It will likely be in grey, her favourite colour.

As well as knitting, Jude crochets, reads, practises yoga, sings, and plays piano. She also loves hiking and climbing mountains, which the Netherlands fails to supply an opportunity for.