January 2020

January 15, 2020 1 min read

Monika is a Slovakian-born designer who originally moved to Amsterdam to pursue her study at the Art Academy. After finishing her Masters in Fashion Design, she worked in branding and product development. Becoming a mother changed her outlook on practices in the Fashion industry (exploitation of women and children, overproduction, the huge ecological footprint). She truly believes that we all have to look closely at our own choices. This community we all have created could be influential and serve as an example to the fashion industry.

Growing up in Eastern Europe, Monika was exposed to, and became skilled in, different crafts. This influence and her love of crafts have grown over time and play a big role in her work.

She started to work at S&P in October 2018 and this is what she says about working here: "I love meeting all the crafters. I truly enjoy hearing their stories and finding creative solutions for their projects. This has been really rewarding so far. I see this as a unique opportunity to support S&P customers in producing a design of their choice and in customising it into unique designs which fit their personal style. I like to see people coming back, proudly bringing with them a finished sweater or shawl."

Right now, Monika is working on a Richter sweater, a test knit for Julia Wilkens Designs. She looks forward to meeting more knitters and seeing you again soon in the shop!