MARCH 2021

April 08, 2021 1 min read

Rocío - Staff Spotlight

Rocío is our featured employee this month. She’s originally from Spain, and has been with Stephen & Penelope since October 2020. She started as a shop assistant and recently transitioned to our eCom Customer Service team. Rocío loves bringing the shop experience to our online customers by helping to build custom colour palettes and finding the best yarn for each project.

Rocío learned to knit when she was five, but says she soon quit as she preferred to spend her time chasing lizards. 35 years later, she was immobilised by a back injury and picked up her needles again. Her back healed after a few months, but she remained a persistent knitter! She’s now a budding designer and hosts a Spanish-language knitting podcast. When she’s not knitting, Rocío also loves  illustrating with watercolours, embroidering, sewing, birdwatching, and scientific writing. Rocío is happiest when out in nature and secretly wants to knit our colleague Victoria a neon green sweater!