November 03, 2022 1 min read

Photo shows Vera next to some pink flowers
Our Staff Spotlight for November is Vera!
Vera has been working at Stephen & Penelope since March this year in our Order Fulfilment team, making sure that your lovely orders are packed with great care and attention to detail. She loves working in a cosy environment with wonderful co-workers from different cultures.
When Vera was a child, she was often at the craft store as her mother enjoyed making dresses, baskets and lace. The beads were what Vera loved most at the time so she often made rings or bracelets. She later developed many manual hobbies such as beading on a loom, crochet, macrame, embroidery and even nail art. Vera learnt all these crafts mostly from books and magazines and is still learning from YouTube. For Vera, crafting is a hobby that transports her to a blissful new world. Currently, Vera is working on a macrame project, enhancing her triaxial weaving skills and repurposing some items.
When Vera is not focused on her indoors projects, she loves being out in nature, wether it’s at the beach or in the forest. She also enjoys traveling and reading. You can find Vera's beautiful work on Instagram.