Verfügbarkeit: Nicht auf Lager

Date: January 26, 2019

Time: 12:00-2:30

Language: English 

Materials Included: Two balls of CaMaRose Hverdagsuld yarn, Natasja Hornby shawl pattern Maan or Lunae

Materials To Bring: 4mm round or straight needles

Prerequisites: Adventurous beginner and up (must be able to CO, K and P)

Mosaic Knitting is one of those techniques that is really a lot easier than it looks. Unlike stranded knitting, Mosaic is worked holding only one strand at all times. Essentially, you alternate between two rows of two different colors, but instead of working all the stitches, some stitches are slipped. This offers a simple way to manipulate what is actually striped knitting into a wonderful variety of decorative elements. These beautiful and varied patterns you can apply in many different ways.

In this workshop you will learn the basics and you will get enough information to feel confident when choosing a pattern that contains Mosaic Colorwork. And, if you get the hang of it quickly, you will even get the opportunity to experiment with designing your own Mosaic patterns.

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