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addiNature Olive Wood – as a click set as requested by many. You have the option of changing the beautiful olive wood needles, using the addiClickSet.addiClick tips made from olive wood are highly stable, and they are unique due to their beautiful grain. The tips are finished with natural waxes. One set includes 8 pairs of olive wood needles in the sizes 3,5/4,0/4,5/5,0/5,5/6,0/7,0/8,0 mm, 3 cords of length 60, 80 and 100 cm, 1 connector, 1 addiGrip, 1 addi gold pin. Individual Click tips may be supplemented up to size 12. All cords and needles in the addiClick system are compatible. They are really exciting needles - “Made in Germany”, of course.

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