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DESIGNER KITS do not include patterns, but all patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry.

This Free Your Fade shawl was created by Andrea Mowry to be your favourite shawl pattern! Really relaxing garter stitch with engaging eyelet rows and endless colour possibilities. The shawl is light weight and perfect year round when knit up in fingering weight yarn.

These three skein kits provide enough yarn for the fingering weight variation, and colours are inspired by the samples shown on the pattern page here

Interested in different colours for your Free Your Fade? Check out our THREE SKEIN FADE sets in QUICK KITS, any will work for this pattern!

Teal Kit Contains:

  • One skein Qing Fibre Single in Mole
  • One skein Qing Fibre Bedrock Single in Teal
  • One skien Qing Fibre Shangri-La Single in Stormrage

Honeycomb Kit Contains:

  • One skein Qing Fibre Singles in Cactus
  • One skein Qing Fibre Single in Nest
  • One skein Qing Fibre Single in Honeycomb


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