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This slip-stitch KORO KORO shawl is another relative from the family of KOKO and LOLO designs also by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. This right-sided triangular shawl is created tip up and is worked using alternating stripes of colour. All while combining basic stitches that become intuitive and repetitive as this satisfying 3D texture begins to emerge! Addictive in its nature, you won’t be able to put your needles down until it is finished, and being a DK-weight project this shawl will be knit in a blink of an eye!

These six skein kit are inspired by the original sample shown here. Interested in different colours for your KORO KORO? Check out the full selection of WEST WOOL TANDEM and choose your favourite combination!

Yellow Kit Contains:

  • Three skeins West Wool Tandem in French Grey
  • Three skeins West Wool Tandem in Edam

Teal Kit Contains:

  • Three skeins West Wool Tandem in Brackish
  • Three skeins West Wool Tandem in Aquamarine


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