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Natasja Hornby's Maan is not for the faint at heart. She is not a flimsy, barely there layering piece, but a wrap with a lot of character, presence, and substance. She stands out in the crowd and will add something extra to any outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. She is an eye-catcher, but also your shield.

Knitting this wrap is a treat for the adventurous intermediate to experienced knitter. Because of the variety of stitch patterns and techniques, there’s no room for boredom and there’s just enough repetition to get a sense of rhythm and structure.

This seven skein kit contains our interpretation of the original sample shown on the pattern page here.  Interested in different colours for your Maan?  Check out the full selection of WEST WOOL TANDEM for your perfect combination!

Kit Contains:

  • 3 skeins West Wool Tandem in Truffle
  • 2 skeins West Wool Tandem in Birch Tree
  • 2 skeins West Wool Tandem in Mouse
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