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This Special Edition of TOFT Quarterly magazine contains 18 crochet sheep patterns. There are patterns to suit every age and ability alongside a guide to add the finishing touches to your project.

Inside this Special Edition you will find the crochet patterns to make the following:
*Simon the Sheep
*Barbara the Border Leicester Sheep
*Lou the Merino Sheep
*Eustice the Beltex
*Bryn the Welsh Mountain Sheep
*Tobias the Hebridean Sheep
*Hank the Dorset Down Sheep
*Tracy the Racka Sheep
*Lisa the Valais Blacknosed Sheep
*Deborah the Kerry Hill
*Harold the Teeswater Sheep
*Fred the Herdwick
*Molly the Suffolk Sheep
*Seth the Wensleydale Sheep
*Noah the Zwartbles Sheep
*Dominic the Swaledale Sheep
*Lynn the Jacob

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