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Painting Bricks is a splashy semi-circular shawl. Easy garter stitch is combined with stockinette stitch stripes and slipped stitches for an exciting new Westknits shawl project. Two skeins of the main color are combined with contrast colors for an architectural stained glass effect. Each kit contains enough yarn to knit the large shawl. You can also supplement these kits with some of your own color pops for a unique personalized color palette.

Kit 8 is for the Small (Fingering) Size and contains:

  • 2 skeins West Wool Bicycle in Dutch Sky
  • 1 skein West Wool Bicycle in True Blue
  • 1 skein West Wool Bicycle in Grass Green
  • 1 skein West Wool Bicycle in Edam
  • 1 skein West Wool Bicycle in Beatrix
  • 1 skein West Wool Bicycle in Glass
  • Westknits Ravelry Download Code
  • Stephen & Penelope exclusive Logo Bucket Bag
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