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Enjoy a colourful palette of fingering weight yarns to knit this wavy garter stitch scarf. Choose between the small narrow scarf or wide large wrap size and work increases and decreases to form the rippling waves. An I-cord cast on and I-cord bind off sculpts the edges after each splashy stripe. Kits contain enough yarn that you can make this simple scarf practically as long as you like to showcase your favourite colours!

Kit Contains:

  • Colour A - Undercover Otter Squirm Sock in Giallo
  • Colour B - West Wool Bicycle in Dutch Sky
  • Colour C - Undercover Otter Squirm Sock in Roark
  • Colour D - West Wool Bicycle in Greykjavik
  • Colour E - West Wool Bicycle in Canal House
  • Colour F - West Wool Bicycle in Birch Tree
  • Westknits Ravelry download code


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