Brooklyn Tweed is excited to announce the newest member of their all-American, breed-specific core yarn line, Vale.

Vale is a laceweight, worsted-spun yarn which is perfect for year round knitting. This airy Rambouillet is 100% American made, from sheep to dyepot. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Vale held singly or doubled up makes wonderfully light garments for warmer days. And for our friends south of the Equator entering colder months, Vale makes equally lovely and delicate winter wooly garments.

Rambouillet sheep are also known as French Merinos; two hundred years of careful breeding developed a fleece with even more crimp and bounce than the merino that’s widely available today. In the United States, Rambouillets are a favourite finewool breed on the western plains. The growers Brooklyn Tweed works with in Wyoming achieve wool with a micron count of 21.5, the softest fibre they’ve used to date.

Vale’s 14 custom shades augment some touchstone colours from the Arbor line with sophisticated softer tones. Dusty rose shades, glacial blues, and lichen yellows form a focused palette that offers both neutrals and brights.

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