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Teaches knitters how to read charts--and, better yet, how to make the most of them: to see that a chart is a picture of knitted fabric; to make sense of the symbols in a chart without being tied to its key; and to handle chart quirks--"no stitch" symbols, repeated stitches, changes in stitch count, and more--with ease.

Using eye-opening materials proven in her workshops, master teacher JC Briar reveals exactly how charts reflect knitting, enabling readers literally to read their knitting and work with new-found confidence and clarity. This unique book should be part of every knitter's basic education. --Cat Bordhi
Charts Made Simple provides a progression of clear, step-by-step tutorials and is packed with visuals--some of the best I've ever seen. You will be happily and confidently knitting from charts in no time! --Margaret Fisher
Charts Made Simple guides you through the basics of how charts operate, explaining the whys as well as the whats to make charts your favorite knitting language. My only regret with this book is that it wasn't around when I had to figure out charting on my own a long time ago. --Joan Schrouder