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ChiaoGoo Silver Cables are ideal for making short circular needles cables longer or for making knitting projects such as socks, mittens or hats. The cable consist of multiple steel wires and swivels, which prevents twisting, permanent kinks or deformations during knitting. This ensures that your yarn can glide with ease and makes for a smooth knitting experience!

ChiaoGoo Silver Cables can be combined with products that have a screw size Small (S) or Large (L). A cable connector in that size might be necessary. You can only connect cables that have the same screw size as these connectors, so please check the screw size of your ChiaoGoo needles. Otherwise use a cable adapter to fit differently sized cables together!

S = SMALL for needle size 2.75-5.00mm (10 and 13cm) and 3.50-5.00mm (8cm)
L = LARGE for needle size 5.50-10.00mm (10 and 13cm).