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Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions


- Needle tips in thicknesses: 3.50; 4.00; 4.50; 5.00; 5.50; 6.00; 7.00 and 8.00mm
- 8 cable stoppers
- 4 cable keys
- leatherette box
- 4 cables (60 cm, 2x80 cm, 100 cm)
- Needle size

- the ideal gift for knitters
- a set of 8 interchangeable needle tips in laminated Symfonie Rose Wood wood, packed in an imitation leather box
- The set includes an elegant Symfony Wood cloth brooch
- The metal parts are coated with copper and the deep brown cables harmonize with the needle tips
- The elegant Symfonie Rose looks gorgeous and yet is lightweight and sturdy
- easy to connect with the cable, a smooth transition guarantees the gentle sliding of the stitches without getting caught
- The polished wood surface harmonizes effortlessly with any kind of yarn without inhibiting the knitting rhythm
- sturdy, flexible cable, smooth without kinks or loops - easy to store