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The Notions Clutch is a compact stylish organiser for your most used crafting tools, with specialised compartments.

There is something so satisfying about opening up this beautiful case and seeing all your essential crafting tools laid out in front of you, from your tape measure to embroidery scissors there's a perfect spot for all your most used tools.

The top right corner is fitted with a discreet magnet, perfect for keeping stitch markers from slipping away while working. With additional compartments to hold pattern print-outs or other notions, the Notions Clutch is a maker's true companion.

This type of leather was specifically chosen for its sought-after ageing qualities, like the characteristic caramelisation of the colour, a unique patina giving it a sense of history and character. The soft leather easily shows signs of use, which is why each case comes with a small piece of wool felt that is extremely effective at quickly brushing away marks or scratches.