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Dive head first into your next shawl adventure with this book and yarn bundle. 

We're big fans of Laine Publishing, and their beautifully curated 52 Weeks of Shawls is a unique look into contemporary shawl knitting. The designers behind the 52 patterns come from all around the world. This collection showcases an exceptionally wide range of yarns, techniques and levels of difficulty and also includes two crochet designs. It is a true encyclopedia of shawls, a future classic for decades to come. 

One of our favourite patterns in the book is Rainbow Road from Stephen West, and we have assembled this kit with La Bien Aimée Helix especially for it.

Rainbow Road is an easy-to-knit garter stitch shawl that marls two strands of lightweight yarn for a plush, cushiony wrap. The main colour is held throughout the entire fabric, and five contrast colours ignite the short row wedges with a spark of colour. The long wedge shaped design is easy to style and can be customised to your preferred length.

Please note that there is no download code included with this kit.

Kit Contains:

  • Laine 52 Weeks of Shawls
  • Two skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in Lise (MC)
  • Two mini skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in Romance (CC1)
  • Two mini skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in Highgarden (CC2)
  • Two mini skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in Dawn (CC3)
  • Two mini skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in Bois de Rose (CC4)
  • Two mini skeins La Bien Aimée Helix in The Hotness (CC5)

Please note when purchasing one of our kits, that colour variation may occur across hand-dyed yarns. We take great care in photographing our kits and yarns accurately, however colours may vary slightly from the pictures.