September 01, 2022 1 min read

AT Haynes House Yarns is a family-run, hand-dyed yarn business owned by the wonderful Terri J. Haynes. Every colourway and product has a story and is based on the fun that happens at Haynes's house. Terri, a native Baltimorean, has always had a broad and extensive creative streak. A published author, designer and graphic artist, Terri has been knitting from childhood and crocheting since her early adulthood. She began dyeing yarn in 2018 and opened AT Haynes House Yarns in February 2019. AT Haynes House Yarns believes in family and community and Terri enjoys making connections with members of the fibre community. AT Haynes House Yarns operates out of Fort Washington, MD, USA, where Terri’s husband, Brian, makes all the bags and her children, Jazmyne, Dartanyon and Emmanuel all play a significant role in making AT Haynes House Yarns the amazing business that it is today.

For this year’s MKAL we’ve put together some beautiful colour combinations that play with a variety of subtle tones and complimentary contrasts that will make your MKAL project shine.

You can buy their kits here.