August 30, 2022 1 min read

Isager is a Danish supplier residing in an old school in Tversted and has been creating lovely patterns and quality yarns from natural fibers since 1977. Isager began when designer Åse Lund Jensen established her studio in 1960. Her work was rooted in the Danish crafts tradition but also took inspiration from Icelandic and Faroese knitting cultures. Collaborating with a local yarn mill, Åse Lund Jensen began creating a range of beautifully high quality woolen yarns. Åse Lund Jensen worked to inspire others to recognize the potential of knitting as a craft, and it was whilst teaching that Åse Lund Jensen became friends with Marianne Isager. After Åse Lund Jensen died, Marianne Isager carried on the designer’s legacy to create what is now known as Isager. Helga Isager is co-owner and the 3rd generation in the company and she has contributed with many wonderful designs since she joined the company in 2011. 

We are so excited to share the Isager kits we have put together for this year’s MKAL as we love all of their deep colours and neutral tones. 

You can buy their kits here.