February 2020 - JIMENEZ JOSEPH

February 01, 2020 1 min read

Former Graphic Designer and Track & Field Heptathlete, Jimenez Joseph took up knitting after severely dislocating her knee joint. A simple gift of a ‘Learn To Knit’ kit sparked a curious interest that quickly became an obsession.

Since publishing her first pattern in 2011, her focus has been to design garments that she would want to wear. Her designs are inspired by the colours, composition, and texture of yarns that she encounters, which then go towards developing novel pieces.

Jimenez’s creative vision is backed up by the clarity and concision of her patterns, using her graphic communication skills to simplify even her most complex designs.

We have four gorgeous Jimi Knits samples in store in February, drop in to see the Aggregate Shawl, Chicane sweater, Refraction Shawl and the Yzzy Mitts and Cowl set.