January 2019 - LA MAISON RILILIE

January 01, 2019 2 min read

January Designer of the Month La Maison Rililie shares with us;

As most knitters out there I had learned how to knit in school and started once more after a really big pause during a long stay in Edinburgh. I was there for half a year and fell in love with all the nice wool that is readily available in Scotland. I immediately started to be very active on Ravelry too, and thanks to this community I not only got back to knit again, but also learned so much more about it.

Sadly, I lost my father during this time and I can now say that I was able to cope with all the sadness and the arising difficulties because of my knitting. I was constantly knitting and there was no moment during the day where I didn’t work on something. Even during meals I had my knitting next to me and I think that not only the repetitive movement of the hands, but also the calculations and specific practical project planning that is needed to construct a garment, was the only thing that was calming and soothing during these troubling times.

Even today, I still find that after long periods of straight knitting I am not only feeling much calmer, but I am always astonished when I happen to see my face right afterwards, because it totally reflects that. I do look much calmer, too! I find this very fascinating.

Whether you need some therapy knitting to start the new year, or just some inspiration, come by the shop this month to see La Maison Rililie’s Menage a Trois shawl, La Gekka jumper and Diane cardigan.