Undercover Otter

September 01, 2020 1 min read

Undercover Otter has been assaulting your retinas with bright colours and questionable colourway names since 2014. The company is run by Aiden, who couldn’t find the yarn they wanted to crochet and knit with, and decided to make it themselves. Working with Aiden is head tinkerer Marnix, who helps out with the twisting of yarn, building of contraptions and inventing neutral colourways (Aiden claims to suck at this). Undercover Otter yarns and fibres are characterised by saturated colours and they get their inspiration from classic horror movies, modern gore-fests and post-apocalyptic science fiction. They are in no way saying that any of the movies, books, plays and music that inspire them are great, some of them are stinkers, but Aiden and Marnix are suckers for bad movies in which you see more red food colouring than actual acting.
When dyeing their yarns, they experiment with different methods to get the desired effect. That means that the resulting colourways can have up to six layers of dye, in a multitude of techniques. Undercover Otter re-use 80% of all the water in their dye process by planning dyebaths in sequence, using soak water for dyebaths and filtering all water before it is re-used for next dyebaths. Whatever water they do have to dispose of gets another filtering and is neutralised before it’s used as grey water that flushes the building’s toilets.

You can buy Undercover Otter here.