August 26, 2023 1 min read

Headshot of Aimée Gille from La Bien Aimée

When getting ready to host the best MKAL to date, we asked Aimée at La Bien Aimée which Westknits MKAL design was her favourite and like us, she had trouble choosing and settled for both Exploration Station and Slipstravaganza. If the choice isn’t easy, it’s because Aimée and her team knit almost all of the MKAL ever since Exploration Station which was the 2014’s MKAL shawl. Each passing year, prepping all the yarn and the dyeing process for MKAL is a buzzing time for Aimée’s team at La Bien Aimée and they would love to see featured some exciting intarsia in this year’s design. Let’s wait until cast-on day to see if their wish comes true!