August 27, 2023 1 min read

Dea's colours are all about being bold and embracing colorpoppurtunities a bit like how it feels to participate in the MKAL. You have all the instructions you need but you're never quite sure where you'll end up, the yarn can add a little something you didn't expect which is what makes hand dyed yarn such a joy to work with. To choose a favourite MKAL shawl is an impossible task for Dea, it depends on what mood she's in from the graphic statement of the Starflake to the maximalist masterpiece that is Shawlography but then The Doodler has become a staple of her handmade wardrobe!
While Dea has knit various MKAL shawls in the past, last year was the first year she took the plunge to knit along with everyone. She decided to go with the flow and embrace the mystery. This year she's hoping to see some lace and maybe even a few rows of easy garter stitch but her motto is take chances and have fun!