November 2019

November 15, 2019 1 min read

Liza has been helping customers in our shop since 2018, a year after she finished her masters in Artistic Research. She loves finding your perfect skein, fade or souvenir and is very eager to learn as much as possible about crafts and the craft industry.

She is a busy bee, and also writes for contemporary art magazines and academic platforms and the cherry on top, she is also a practicing artist.

Next to working in our shop, Liza has also been to Edinburgh and Dublin with our festival team and she is also in charge of the communication with our ‘sister’ Clarisse in Rwanda, that we’ve met through Women for Women, a charity that we happily support.

Although Liza is a Dutch native and Amsterdam feels very much like her home, she has also lived in Chicago and Ho Chi Minh City. She currently resides in an apartment just down the street from the shop, right in the heart of the red-light district.

Liza knits and crochets wherever she goes, and she is very much into the cable hat and the LYS cardigan by Andrea Mowry that she is currently working on.