February 24, 2021 1 min read

We received so much lovely feedback last year when we introduced the option to choose your colour palette that there was no way we could go back to a single option for this year!⁠

Stephen has been working hard with @mominokiyarns and our other YAL dyers to bring two gorgeous colour options this year, Bright Pops and Jewel Pops.⁠

☀️ Bright Pops ☀️⁠

The Brights YAL will be filled with light bright playful colours for summer. The overall mood and tone of these kits is bright and cheery. Think bright yellow, blue, pink, and orange pops to lift your spirits during the summer shawl knitting season. 

Hint! Stephen loves bold bright colour pops, but he also loves a good neutral, so you can expect some calming neutral colours in the YAL Brights option to anchor the vibrant colour pops.⁠

Bright Pops colour inspiration. This is a split frame image. On the left, Stephen is photographed against a blue background. He's wearing a large bright floral arrangement on his head like a fascinator. On the right is a wall covered in white, grey, yellow, blue, pink and red triangles. There is a caramel brown leather chair in front of the wall.

💎 Jewel Pops 💎⁠

The Jewels YAL will feature deep rich jewel tones. This colour pop theme will be much more saturated with deeper darker tones. You can expect radiant purple, flashy fuchsia, and some saturated blue and emerald tones. ⁠

Hint! If you are a pink yarn lover, Stephen recommends this JEWELS options for you.⁠

Jewel Pops colour inspiration. This is a split frame image. On the left is a photo of Stephen West holding a mixed posy of pink, dark red and orange flowers. His head is wrapped in strands of yarn and he's wearing a silk shirt which is black with abstract bright spots that might be flowers. ⁠On the right is an abstract illustration in dark blues, pinks, reds, purples and greens. There are floral, paisley and geometric motifs represented