March 09, 2022 1 min read


The Yarn A Long subscriptions have now been open for a week and we are getting so excited to see what gorgeous colours this years dyers are working on! To get you looking forward to that first package we are sharing the colour inspiration behind this year's colourways. Of course, the fun of the YAL is the surprise of beautiful colours and a brand new shawl pattern so you won't know the final colours until you open up your package but this will give you a taste of what's to come.

For this years YAL we are offering the same surprise colours for all participants and each palette will focus on neutrals and a colour pop. You can expect lots of nuanced neutrals accented by bold pops of colour. If you've already signed up each month you will get to enjoy a new custom colour story ranging from cool greys and blues, to quiet sandy beach glowing tones, and warm fiery colourways too.

Stephen and Malia have collaborated with the dyers for each month to create beautiful shades inspired by these mood boards so each package includes beautifully complimentary colours from both dyers that will knit up to create a stunning shawl. You can expect blues and icy tones from Robin and Ayesha in your first package followed by gorgeous beach inspired shades from Cathrin and Geraldine in your second delivery and last but not least your final box will include rich, warm tones from Sheryl and Caroline. You can read more about this year's dyers on our YAL 2022 blog.