August 2019 - AHORA KNITS

August 01, 2019 1 min read

Frenchie of Aroha Knits works as a knitwear designer and coach, she inspires and empowers fibre artists to transform their yarn so they can manifest “Aroha”, one stitch at a time. She is passionate about creating meaningful and fulfilling work, shaking up the industry and fibre community, and serving as a catalyst for transformative impact.

As a bi-racial, multi-cultural queer crafter of colour, she works to empower knitters, whom she calls Fibre Muses, by exploring the intersection of making with identity, so they can think deeply about what they create, to make a transformational impact with their craft.

Her designs draw influence from Frenchie’s Maori heritage, where she transforms the myths, legends, and other stories into stitches and connects them to the story of why we make. Through this recreation, her work aims to remember the past and strengthen the future for the Maori culture and people, while enriching the present knitting community and sharing her voice, and the stories of the third-space generation.

This month you can visit samples of the Aumangea Pullover, and the Taimana, Whakairo, and Kahurangi cowls.