September 2019 - MARA LICOLE

September 01, 2019 1 min read

Mara Licole is the designer behind Mara Licole Knits. She creates designs that are soulful. Inspired by her culturally rich urban upbringing, romantic daydreams, and wanderlust spirit, all of Mara’s designs begin with carefully chosen colours and quality yarns that are made of 100% natural fibre. If you adore little bits of luxury, delicate details, and projects with bespoke qualities, you will love Mara’s designs.

Mara is a self-taught knitter who decided to learn to knit as a way to manage anxiety. After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in communication, and completing first year coursework for law school she struggled to fit into professional roles in predominantly white institutions where diversity is just a strategic goal and inclusivity is not a priority.

As a professional she has worked as an Assistant Director for Diversity, a college instructor, a personal brand and career coach for formerly incarcerated individuals, and more recently a Makerspace Manager.

The anxiety from trying to fit into many of these workplaces led to the creation of Mara Licole Knits in 2016. She is working on expanding her design portfolio to include a broader range of projects for you to enjoy.

Throughout September you can visit Stephen & Penelope to see The Rose That Grew from Concrete, Islington, and Wildflowers + Honey in the Designer of the Month display. You can also follow her design journey on Instagram @maralicoleknits.