December 2020 - NUTSKNITWEAR

December 01, 2020 1 min read

Teti is a botanist by training and at heart, who found a creative escape from strict lab protocols in knitting. She lives in Haarlem, The Netherlands and in 2017 switched her career to chase a dream of designing full time. 

Teti's designs are inspired by nature, flowers and leaves, textures of bark and moss, movement and stillness of grass. She lives in a small attic apartment with her husband and her ginger cat Katzie, from where she can always take a bike trip to the dunes in search for inspiration. She loves sophisticated yet functional designs, seamless constructions, has a good eye for misfit and struggles to satisfy her inner perfectionist. She is attracted to natural warm colours and finds special pleasure in designing colourwork.

We are excited to have three of Teti's samples on display at our shop: the elegant cablework pullover Dark Moss, the irresistible floral stranded colourwork sweater Florarium Light and the just released Inflorescence Pullover in which floats are ingeniously carried on the right side of the yoke. Customers can admire Teti's craftsmanship and we have all the yarns suitable for these wonderful projects. You can find Teti's patterns on Ravelry and follow her designs on Instagram: Her website is