September 2020 - SHIN KNUDSEN

September 01, 2020 1 min read

Shin Knudsen, also known as shinysuperhero, is a Danish crafter. She was taught to knit as a child by a family friend and, after taking a break from knitting in her teens, picked up her needles again in her mid-twenties. Eventually, knitting became Shin's path to relieving stress and anxiety, and feeling a sense of accomplishment outside of her work.

She started designing her own patterns in 2018 and has a “learn as you go” approach to designing. The idea that you can turn your vision into something that you and others can knit, and then to see knitters making items from your patterns is miraculous to her.

Fun is fundamental to Shin’s design philosophy, as is making what feels right in the moment. Sometimes that means bypassing current trends, other times, she takes inspiration from fashion and pop culture.

Shin's signature aesthetic is multi-coloured intarsia and stranded colourwork, particularly featuring bright colours like her favourites yellow, pink, and green. Shin particularly loves designing with intarsia, because imagination is the only limit, and because it is fun to knit too.

We're thrilled to feature five of Shin's designs in store this month: drop in to see the Alexandria Blouse and matching Alexandria Hat, the Aurora Cardigan, the Fab Tee and the newly released Ava Cowl (links go to Ravelry). Shin's patterns are for sale on Ravelry and you can follow her on Instagram @shinysuperhero.