Life in the Long Grass

November 01, 2020 1 min read

Caroline Niland started Life in the Long Grass when necessity hit in the middle of the economic recession in Ireland.  After fifteen years divided between London and Eivissa, Spain she returned home to find an Irish farmhouse to bring back to life.  

Growing up in Ireland surrounded by a farming and a local family business she remembers watching her mother, grandmother and great grandmother knitting and the value it brings.  With unemployment looming she pulled herself and her partner Johnny's skills and set up a dye studio onto the side of their farmhouse.

Influenced by her background in graphic design, life in London, Spain and Ireland she began dyeing colourways that reflect this experience with practical wear-ability in mind.  Five years later with a large retailer base and a new studio in the countryside LITLG continues to develop and grow. 

"To work in a creative space and create jobs for wonderful local people and then endeavor to translate the colors of nature and life onto yarn is what Life in the Long Grass is all about".

You can buy Life in the Long Grass here.