Neighborhood Fiber Co.

April 12, 2022 1 min read

Neighborhood Fiber Co was founded by Karida Collins in 2006 in a basement in Washington DC. Karida set out to create hand-dyed yarns inspired by and named for the natural beauty and diverse neighbourhoods in America's capital. Since that day in 2006, she has added more colours to her incredible palette to reflect neighbourhoods, landmarks and locales fare and wise. 

In 2011 Neighborhood Fiber Co. moved to Baltimore and has continued in the tradition of offering vibrant, one of a kind colours inspired by urban landscapes. Now entering it's 15th year of business, Neighborhood Fiber Co offers an incredible 14 yarn bases in over 70 colours, the majority of the yarns are made with GOTS-certified Organic Merino which is machine washable but doesn't include many of the chemicals used in the traditional superwash process. 

Environmental responsibility is one of the core tenets in the way that Neighborhood Fiber Co runs its business. They are committed to justice, empowerment and equality, working in a way that aligns with its values and in 2020 Karida founded the NFC Momentum Fund which is a donor-advised charitable fund that has, to date, distributed over $50k in grants to community organisations in Baltimore. 

You can shop Neighborhood Fiber Co here.