July 04, 2022 2 min read

ITO was founded in 2009 with the hope of bringing Japanese yarns to knitters, weavers, crocheters and other fiber enthusiasts all over the world. The ITO yarn collection comprises 33 yarns, and we are so excited to be stocking 5 of their beautiful bases: Gami Picot, Kosho, Rakuda, Shimo, and Wagami. 

All of their stunningly soft and textural yarns are made in Japan by family owned companies and from natural fibres, and we especially love the unique way paper is used in some of their bases. Gami Picot, for example, is a ribbon yarn with loops made from a blend of cotton, silk, and paper, which gives any garment an interesting and unexpected texture. Their yarns also knit up beautifully when mixed together and by holding two strands double, which means you can get creative and playful with the texture of the fabric you want to create.

ITO’s mission is to promote and support the Japanese textile industry with fair and safe working conditions, preserving traditional craftsmanship whilst still being innovative. They work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers, maintaining long-term relationships in order to be able to make the highest quality yarns possible, and this ethos really shines through in the stunning quality of their fibres. Most of the woollen spun yarns in the ITO collection are produced on an old Toyoda (now known as Toyota) ring spinning machine from the 1930s, whilst the worsted spun yarns are spun on a mule spinner that is just as vintage. It’s these traditional processes and old machines that gives the yarn a handcrafted, perfectly imperfect, and unique character.

You can shop ITO here.