July 21, 2022 1 min read

2017 was the first time there were two Mystery Shawl Knit Alongs in the same year. Marled Magic was the late winter MKAL followed by Speckle & Pop in the fall. This knit along featured a pile of stash yarns marled together. The exact amount of yarn and colors wasn't specified to encourage knitters to stash bust and customize their color changes on their own. It was fascinating to watch the artistic color palettes develop throughout this MKAL because no two shawls were alike. Each section offers different stitch patterns and shapes as they modularly join together with picked up stitches. This knit along also marked the beginning of Westknits' love for mohair. After this MKAL, many knitters like to include a Mohair Dare into their shawl by adding some fluffy fibers to their mystery shawl.