July 21, 2022 1 min read

2019 marked the tenth annual Westknits MKAL. This was a very special landmark year, so Stephen wanted to design an extra special pattern that recycled many techniques and motifs from previous Wesktknits MKAL years. The parallelogram blocks that form the star shape were inspired by the Earth & Sky motifs from the first Westknits MKAL. The bold garter stitch stripes that echo the bursting star shape came from the Rockefeller design. Eyelets, brioche, and short rows reference previous shawls like The Doodler, Exploration Station, and Speckle & Pop. You really get to see how Westknits shawls recycle knitting techniques and reimagine them to create new shawl variations and unexpected combinations of color and texture. By 2019, the Westknits shawls were getting bigger and more colorful, so Starflake was a breath of fresh air using only two colors. The simple color relationship highlights the intricate details and bold shaping methods used in Westknits shawls.