February 26, 2021 2 min read

Our third and final dyer for this year's Yarn A Long is none other than the incredible Adella from LolaBean Yarn Co.

LolaBean Yarn Co. is the indie-dyed yarn company owned and operated by Adella Colvin, which was born from a series of fascinating twists. Adella moved from New York City to Augusta, Georgia nearly 10 years ago, and found herself alone in an unfamiliar town after her husband was sent to Afghanistan for a year. A neighbour introduced Adella to the fibre community and the rest is history.

The catalyst for dyeing her own yarns came from the lack of yarn shops in her own community and the discrimination she faced as a woman of colour living in the American South.

Adella draws her inspiration from her rich life experiences, and from her love of music and films. Having lived in many parts of the US as an Air Force military brat, before eventually settling in the Bronx, New York, she was exposed to a variety of cultures. In particular, different genres of music - hip hop, rock, Latin jazz, salsa, pop, country, reggae, and RnB all greatly influence her work as an indie dyer.

Her hope is always that her colourways provoke creative energy in others, inspiring them to expand their imagination, and create beautiful works of art.

Adella takes great pride in her work and the joy it brings to others. It affords her the flexibility of working from home and spending time with her family, who are unquestionably her driving force. Adella is known for both speaking up against oppression and challenging others to do the same, and she uses her business as a platform for practising these values. Find the LolaBean 2-ply fingering base Navy Bean online!

[This bio first appeared as a Supplier Spotlight post in December 2019]