April 01, 2021 1 min read


Orlane is a knitting designer who lives in the North of France with her partner and their two daughters. Like many crafters, she learned to knit from her grandmother when she was a child, but she says the craft finally became serious for her when she realised that knitting is a super power!

For Orlane, this is part of a bigger desire to have a more responsible, more humane, more ecological and more autonomous lifestyle.This big picture designer is why she makes her own clothes, cooks at home and doesn't have a car. She wants to impart these values on her daughters and also share these ideas with other knitters.

The creative aspect of design is also very important to Orlane. She likes to produce simple but beautiful knits that we will wear for a long time, and which have a story. She focuses on techniques that ensure that the clothes are as durable and adjustable to all body types as possible. Working with wool is the other primary motivator for her. She loves discovering new varieties, and says that yarn is her main source of inspiration.

We're delighted to display four of her samples in store during the month of April: the Azor sweater (Ravelry, Payhip), Hollis shawl (Ravelry, Payhip), Rhus hat (Ravelry, Payhip) and Tild sweater (Ravelry, Payhip)