April 01, 2023 1 min read

Banner of Nastja's samples. On the left side is an orange and yellow checkerboard bag against a white sheet, on the left hand corner are some yellow flowers. The image in the middle is a deep purple Tulip vest with white and red tulips on the front and colourful stripes in the back, the Tulip vest is against a white sheet. The last image to the right is a photo of a light beige Florence Cardigan worn by a person.Our designer of the month for April is the brilliant Nastja Crochets.

Living in Lisbon, Portugal, Nastja is a full-time, queer crocheter whose goal is to shed light on slow fashion by teaching others how to create their own clothes. Making sure to be inclusive is very important for Nastja so all her garments are made to measure and tested by awesome people before being released.

Crocheting feels like therapy for Nastja, which is why she is so in love with it. Always drawing inspiration from nature and her surroundings, you will find that most of her designs are decorated with flower motifs.

We love her Tulip Vest made in scrumptious West Wool Tandem. The Tulip Vest, the flowery Florence Cardigan, the gorgeous Lavender Haze Vest, and the colourful Checkerboard Bag are all on display in our shop in Amsterdam during April so pay us a visit!

If the Tulip City is too far from you, find Nastja on Instagram and Ribblr.