May 01, 2023 1 min read

Photo is a collage of three images from Anushka. The one on the left is a red Hawthorn Tincture shawl, the one in the middle is a brown Sisymbrium sweater, and the one on the right is of neon green Ice Pop socks.Our Designer of the Month for May is the exceptional Anushka Tay of The Crimson Stitchery.

Coming to us from London, Anushka is originally a costume designer which is why her approach to knitwear is equally influenced by her obsession with dramatic silhouettes, combined with the importance of functional movement. She is always on the lookout for visually spectacular yet fun to make projects. Anushka enjoys experimenting with yarns by combining different fibres and colours for unexpected results.

Anushka’s gorgeous designs were published in Pom Pom Quarterly and Making magazine. When teaming up with exciting yarn houses such as La Bien Aimée and Black Isle Yarns, Anushka strives to follow her brand slogan of "making all things beautiful and useful".

When she is not busy knitting her next masterpiece, you can find Anushka on YouTube, where she shares her creative life in The Crimson Stitchery vlog once a month. Consistently experimenting and learning new things, she always finds something to tinker with, like her Ph.D. thesis about fashion and migration history!

Keep up with Anushka's art on her website and YouTube channel and visit our shop in Amsterdam to get a feel of Hawthorn Tincture shawl, Sisymbrium sweater, Ice Pop socks, and Curly Wurly socks!