April 01, 2024 1 min read



Our Designer of the Month for April is the incredible Pope Vergara, a Chilean knitwear designer with a passion for creating wearable art. Born into a family of fashionistas, Pope's journey with style began early, influenced by her mom's flair for design.

During her first pregnancy, Pope found herself on bed rest, sparking a creative awakening. Experimenting with knitting led her to discover a love for designing her own garments. Blending fibres, textures, and trends, Pope crafts unique pieces that blend edgy design features with feminine touches. 

Drawing inspiration from nature, music, and the human form, Pope's designs are infused with a touch of magic and a whole lot of love. Each piece invites you on a journey through colour, texture, and emotion, making hearts sing and spirits shine.

Join us in celebrating Pope's boundless creativity and craftsmanship. Let her designs wrap you in warmth and wonder, inspiring your own journey of self-expression through knitting and design. Find her designs over on Ravelry or her website and be sure to follow her on instagram!