The Westknits Yarn A Long (or YAL) is a yearly knit-along and yarn club hosted by Stephen & Penelope. When you purchase the Yarn A Long, you will receive three individual shipments, one per month in May, June and July. Each shipment includes exclusive hand-dyed yarn, an exclusive pattern, two from Stephen West and one from Malia Joseph (the Penelope in Stephen & Penelope), and a knitting-related gift. The first shipment includes a Westknits project bag and the last shipment also includes an embroidered achievement badge.

The 2022 YAL focuses on collaboration and connectivity. Each month, we've paired two of our favourite dyers to create a mixed yet harmonious palette. Stephen and Malia will work together to join up themes and inspire each other through the design process. The overall mood and tone of these kits is neutrals with a pop. You will receive a stunning assortment of nuanced neutrals for most of the fingering weight yarns along with some striking color pops. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be in the know about all the details for this year.

Previous year YAL subscriptions have sold out quickly so we decided to increase the amount of subscriptions this year. But if you want to be 100% sure to get involved in this year's YAL, make sure not to wait too long!


It is highly recommended that you register an account with us before or while placing your YAL order.  This will give you the option to come look at your order, and the status of your order even if you’ve missed an email from us. If you don't register an account with us prior to placing your order, we can't connect it to an account afterwards so this could be a very useful step for keeping track of your order throughout the YAL.

If you want to order something with your YAL please place order separately. From 10th March you will be able to add any extra items you'd like to ship with your first YAL shipment free of charge so make sure not to miss out on this free shipping opportunity.

We use a variety of shippers for Yarn A Long shipping. We will do our best to make sure packages arrive at their destinations at the same time, but things like customs clearance and local weather are beyond our control. Regrettably, we don't offer free shipping on YAL orders, as the shipping costs cover all three shipments.

Our shippers are still working through the COVID-19 crisis and some areas are experiencing delays. We've built a buffer time into our shipping timelines so your yarn should arrive in time for the pattern releases.

Many countries charge customs when your items arrive. This amount usually equals the sales tax that would be due in your country plus a fee for assessing the amount due. Many countries don't bother taxing orders around the value of the YAL (USA), and others always do (Switzerland, Iceland). On all orders where customs might be due, we do not charge European tax, so your price for the YAL will be less the 21% tax that is included in the listed price.

The best way to know your final pricing is to put an item in your cart and go to checkout. When you add your shipping address, the pricing will show you the correct pricing, shipping and, where applicable, tax.

Changing addresses part way through the YAL is quite disruptive to the process.  As a rule we don’t allow more than one address for shipments, but if you have circumstances that are out of your control (not holidays), please get in touch and we will see what we can do. You can always choose to have a work address or a friend’s address for all three shipments if you are unsure of where you will be during the shipments.

We understand that COVID-19 developments may mean your circumstances change unexpectedly. If you need to change your address because of COVID-19 restrictions, please send us an email to with your YAL order number and new postal address.

Winding yarn for the YAL can be really time consuming with so many orders going out, so we don’t offer this service.


We try our best to ship out the YAL so that it arrives for everyone at around the same time.  Packages outside of Europe are shipped first, then packages within Europe are shipped.  Most orders should arrive within 6 days of leaving our shop in Amsterdam. To account for delays caused by COVID-19, we have moved up our shipping timelines.

We ship the orders out in enough time for them to arrive by the pattern release dates, which are May 6, June 6 and July 6 this year.  

If you haven’t received an email with a tracking number, that might be because it has ended up in your SPAM folder or in a different email account.  You can avoid your email from us going into SPAM by adding our email addresses ( and to your contacts list.  You can also login to your account on our website and find your tracking number there.

We begin to send the tracking numbers straight after we have logged the shipment in our postal system.  Some of you will have received tracking numbers before the shipment was picked up at our shop.  Just give it an extra day or two and try again later.
If the problem persists, we will look into it with our postal carrier.

Unfortunately due to the volume of orders and the fact we ship geographically for the YAL, we're unable to hold orders until a later date.


This year's YAL yarns feature a variety of fingering weight 100% wool, wool/nylon blend and wool/cashmere/silk yarns. They are all very soft and smooth to knit with producing that classic shawl drape that Westknits is known for.

The beauty of hand-dyed yarn is that it has variations. Some batches will come out slightly darker, lighter, bluer, or just different than other batches. The dyers are making hundreds of skeins of each colour, so some will look a bit different to others. We have selected some of the best dyers working today, so differences will not be great. We also do our best to make sure the three colours selected for each set compliment each other well.

Because of a small difference in the timing of when people will receive their yarn, we don’t have any restrictions on posting on social media. If you want to be surprised by your yarn and really don’t want to see it before it arrives, take care not to be on social media in the days before your package is set to arrive. When posting, please use the hashtags #yal2022 #westknitsyal2022 #yarnalong, and #stephenandpenelope if you want your images to be more visible! We love to share the photos you post with these hashtags!

All hand dyed yarn for the YAL is exclusive to Stephen & Penelope, and is exclusive to YAL members for the duration of the YAL. When you sign up for the Yarn A Long you will be first to receive these special colourways designed by Stephen & Penelopeand the participating dyers.  By popular request, this year all custom colourways developed for the YAL will be available after the YAL, so if you fall in love with a Yarn A Long colourway, we will have them available later in the year as well. 


We are sending your pattern download code via email in our YAL Welcome Pack. So, you will receive all three patterns as PDF updates once you redeem your download code for the YAL e-book. Didn't get the email? Get in touch with our customer service team

You can redeem the pattern using that code here. Make sure you are logged into your Ravelry account before you redeem your code! The first pattern is released on the 6th of May. After you have received and downloaded your first pattern, you will have the pattern in your library for the second and third shipments and those patterns will be available in your library on the 6th of June and 6th of July.

Once you have redeemed your pattern code, you will need to update the YAL 2022 pattern in your Ravelry library to receive the new pattern files.

The second and third patterns will be released on the June 6 and July 6. You will receive an email telling you there is an update to the YAL 2022 pattern page. 

From the email, you can simply follow the link to the pattern.  If you miss the email somehow, here’s how you can manually update your pattern:

Click on My Notebook in the upper right hand corner of Ravelry and drop down to Library.

On the left hand side you will see a button that says “updates available”. 

Click on that and you should see all patterns that need updating.

Find “Westknits Yarn A Long 2022” and click on “Update Now” below that pattern.

Then look for “view in library” to go directly to the pattern.

If you have already updated but are just looking for the pattern, go to your library.  Underneath the button “add items to my library” click on “search patterns”.  Then search for “Westknits Yarn A Long 2022” and the YAL patterns will be the first to appear.  Click on the little blue library icon beside the pattern name to download the pattern.

If you don't use Ravelry, please contact our customer service team at and we'll send you your patterns via Gumroad.

First make sure you’re entering your code into the following link:  The code is case-sensitive, so pay attention to upper and lower case letters when you enter it.  If you’re still having problems, then email us at

All patterns for the YAL are exclusive for six months.  This means you get the first crack at these Westknits patterns and they won't be available to the general public until late 2022/early 2023!

I’m glad you asked!  We have lovely pattern support people to help you with questions.  Simply send them an email atsupport@westknits.comand they will get back to you quickly.
Another option is to check out the YAL2022 group on Ravelry to see what other people are doing and if anyone is having the same issues as you and what they’re doing to remedy it.