August 01, 2023 1 min read

Banner of three designs by Park. On the left is the Ghost Whisperer, in the middle the Vacation Vest, and on the right is the No Sweat Shirt.

We are thrilled to have the bright and shiny Park & Knit’s samples in our store this August.

Now Chicago-based, Park learned to knit at eight years old in a small Idaho lake town and has been in love with the craft ever since.

These days, Park creates stunning designs that are bold and fun, with a subtle classical touch.

While getting to know Park, we discovered she is a Gemini that loves chatting, having at least 8 hours of sleep, her morning and night routines, witnessing courage, and wearing different versions of the same sweatsuit every day among other good things like snacking on chips and salsa.

Throughout August, you can come and admire Ghost Whisperer, Vacation Vest, No Sweat Shirt, Park Ruffle-o, and the Bow Tie Tank in our brick and mortar shop and check Park’s website, Ravelry, and Instagram.