January 2023 - Jenny Ansah

January 01, 2023 1 min read

Our first designer for 2023 is the wonderful Jenny Ansah from Helsinki, Finland.
Jenny describes herself as an Afro-Finnish brown queer woman on her way to a more sustainable and handmade wardrobe. She learned to knit from her grandmother and still knits with her today. Jenny works as a freelance knitwear designer and loves comfortable and relaxed garments, her style being “earthy and simple with a twist (stitch)”.
The brilliant Jenny was featured in the Finnish knitting magazine Taitolehti, Laine Magazine Issue 15 and lately in Laine’s 52 Weeks of Easy Knits.
When she is not designing her next masterpiece, Jenny studies at the university in Helsinki, works as a substitute teacher in upper and lower secondary schools and dreams about getting a cat.
We love Jenny’s patterns and are so thrilled to have Niitty Cardigan, Ohra Pullover, Pelto Collar, Lumikello Beanie and Aita Socks showcased in our brick and mortar shop throughout January.
You can also find Jenny on Ravelry and Instagram.