June 01, 2020 1 min read

Rebecca McKenzie is the knitwear designer and creator of the Raging Purlwind brand. The brand grew out of Rebecca’s desire to create clothes that would fit her body rather than trying to make her body fit into her clothes. She has a whimsical style and enjoys designing colourful, vintage-inspired knitwear pieces that she hopes will become staples in any everyday wardrobe.

Each Raging Purlwind design is created with a story in mind. Every stitch is carefully chosen to convey different elements of that story and this translates into a crafting experience that is both relaxing and fun for those who choose to knit them.

Throughout the month of June you can visit the store to see samples of four of Rebecca's patterns, Aperture Cowldana, First Sunset Shawl, Radiance Tank, and the Mermaid Top.