Fru Valborg

July 01, 2020 1 min read

Fru Valborg is based in a small, wooded town in Sweden called Eksjö. The company started around 2,5 years ago and has developed from a conventional internet yarn-shop into a fast-growing hand-dyeing company with the world as their market.

The founder and creative force behind the yarn is Petra Hafredal. With a lifelong interest for crafts and previous experiences as a ceramist as well as a textile teacher, her passion has always been creating, inspiring and developing new ways of embracing all the wonderful experiences that come from colours, shapes and aesthetic expressions.

The name Fru Valborg is an homage to Petra's grandmother Valborg, working her whole life as a textile crafts teacher, thereby closing the circle across generations.

Their yarn is dyed by hand in Eksjö and they sell online as well as through Stephen and Penelope. The company is always on the move and Fru Valborg try to continue to develop both in terms of colours and qualities as well as exploring various ways to interact with their wonderful customers all over the world.

Fru Valborg take pride in every skein and truly believe that knitting is so much more than just knitting. It is about the creative process, the community, the inspiration, and the art of the possible.